The Idea:

I was wondering as to why no one in London had opened a Porridge Bar or Cafe.

My name is Nik and I started a company called Bow Street Kitchen in 2013. Since then we have provided British Street Food for countless high profile events in and around London.

After a trip to Scandinavia I noticed a trend for high quality and interesting Porridge using anything but traditional recipes.

When I got back we did lots of research and found no one was running a place that sold really interesting Porridge so I set about to create London's first Porridge Cafe.

The Research:

We've made lots and lots and lots of Porridge. I say we because I started this process with my business partner Elly. You would think we were sick of the stuff but the different varieties and incarnations are endless. We love how versatile it is and hope we can make people realise that Porridge can be so much more than Oats and water.

Lots of the research led us to articles that show how amazing Porridge is as part of a balanced diet. It's high fiber, high protein, low GI and eating it regularly can also help reduce stress due to the presence of magnesium in many grains.

We discovered the huge amount of grains that are used to make Porridge all over the world along with the different methods to make it.

All in all we've chosen 11 grains we think taste great and have some really great health benefits.

The recipes we've developed are sweet, healthy and savoury flavours. 

You can check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds for pictures of some of our work both for Bow Food and Porridge Cafe.

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