The Best Alternatives to Porridge (Breakfast Ideas)

Bored of porridge for breakfast?

I don't blame you, so let's spice things up a little...

In this post I'll share my top 3 healthy breakfasts to try instead of traditional porridge oats or cereal.


#1 Eggs

An integral part of a "breakfast of champions", the humble egg really packs a punch on the nutritional front.

Forget what you've heard about it raising your cholesterol levels...It's healthy.

Filling and vitamin boosting...

Eggs are ideal for breakfast because they're high in protein so will keep you fuller for longer which has long been seen as an easy way to keep the weight off, as reported in this study.

With a healthy 13g of protein per 100g serving, and a natural source of vitamins A, B and D, you can rest assured that it's great alternative to porridge at breakfast time.

Here's How...

I'm a big fan of scrambled egg with spinach and spice on toast. Follow this recipe:

  1. Using a non stick pan, crack 3 eggs and mix together fully
  2. Sprinkle in salt, pepper, basil and cayenne pepper
  3. Heat up, stirring regularly and not allowing the egg to sick to the pan
  4. 2 minutes in, add a healthy handful of fresh spinach leaves
  5. Add your bread to the toaster
  6. Stir together until the egg is done to your liking and the spinach wilted
  7. Serve up on toast

This kind of breakfast should keep you full till lunch. Add a black coffee to the mix and you're all set. Make sure to use high quality bread, one with the least amount of added sugar, gums and chemicals which you've never heard of before.

Want to lose weight? Ditch the toast and have naked scrambled eggs with spinach.

Top Tip: Hard boil 6 eggs and keep them in the fridge to be eaten as snacks or on salads.


#2 Shake

No longer reserved for gym bros and body builders, a protein shake can really deliver...if you choose the right one!

Combine high quality ingredients with a clean vegan shake and you'll have a nutritious meal. Here's how to do it.

A protein shake to start your day...

Continuing with the high protein theme, a protein shake/smoothie doesn't have to only be a post-workout treat.

When you combine the right ingredients together, it can be a quick, tasty and filling way to start your day that keeps you full until lunchtime.

Here's how...

Follow these simple steps to make a nutritious and delicious breakfast shake:

  1. Buy a clean vegan protein powder like this "no Cow Cacao" from (Use code PORRIDGE10 for 10% discount and PORRIDGEFREE for free shipping on orders over £70)
  2. Slice 1 banana into pieces and add it to your blender or nutri bullet
  3. Add 350ml of water
  4. Spoon in 1 tablespoon of oats (optional)
  5. Add 1/2 a tablespoon spoon of peanut butter

Blitz it in the blender for 30 seconds are your breakfast is served!

Top Tip: If cutting down on calories, this can be a meal replacement.


#3 Yogurt

Yogurt is high in protein and a probiotic to give your gut a good serving of balanced bacteria, too.

Here's how to select a high quality yogurt and a winning combination of fruit to make it yummy.

Friendly bacteria boosting foods

Some yogurts contain live bacteria which are probiotics meaning that they help your digestive system function correctly and effectively. They're very important.

You can get a healthy dose from yogurts like Fage greek yogurt.

The best yogurt for breakfast...

Mix Fage 2% fat yogurt with fruit, preferably blueberries because they are mood boosting and help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Then sprinkle some seeds on top, such as linseeds, which are cheaper than flaxseed and still packs a punch in terms of omega-3 goodness.

Avoid yogurts pre-made with honey or fruit as they often have sugar added too. You can add fresh, whole fruit on top yourself.

Top Tip: Use the 0% fat if on a diet and the full fat Fage yogurt if maintaining weight or trying to add muscle and training hard.